“Maybe we do th…

“Maybe we do the things we do because either we don’t want to be a disappointment, or we’re tired of being a disappointment.”


Day Twenty: A Picture That Can Always Make You Smile

                             This picture was taken by my friend, Jianna, in my school’s library. That day, we were just goofing around and laughing at each other. We usually spent all our time doing that, but that day was especially funny. I don’t remember why, but I do remember not being able to stop smiling and laughing. That day was funny and nice.

                              I can’t exactly explain why this picture always makes me smile. I just know that Darlene asked to take pictures so she could make a collage for my birthday. That’s probably why it always makes me smile. I actually like this photo, it shows how weird I am around my closest friends. There’s a lot of memories behind this photograph, and just thinking about them makes me happy.






A picture holds many memories. It can’t take you back to the time it was taken, but it will make you happy just thinking about it.’Image

Day Nineteen: Somewhere You Wish You Were Right Now

                           Last summer while in California, my cousin took our family to San Francisco. When we were there, we went to China Town. It was amazing. We visited some of the small shops and saw things I never saw on Guam. I bought a few things- necklaces, shirts and other souvenirs. We even went to a nearby park to rest. I went on the tire swing and nearly fell off.

                            We even ate some Chinese food in an authentic Chinese restaurant. I forgot what I ordered but I do know it was delicious. I bought some fortune cookies from a small shop and shared with everyone. The cookies were filled with some nice fortunes, things like ‘You are capable of extremely hard work and dedication.’ One just freaked me out, ‘Someone admires your beauty.’ It was just plain weird to read that one.Image