Day Seven: A Picture of Someone You Want to Know More Of

                          This is Jianna. Although she is one of my best friends, I do admit I know little about her. The friendship we have is very unusual. We are there for each other through everything but we know little about each other’s history. Jianna and I are great friends but sometimes I think that we don’t really communicate.

                            Jianna tells us- us being me and my friends- a lot about the things she does. She isn’t a very shy person but knows when to stay quiet and when to just listen. She trusts me with things and vice versa. But most of the time, she goes to my other friends for advice. Sometimes I wish that we could be able to talk freely, not caring about who hears and what they think. Sometimes I wish that she and I were better friends, the kind who tell each other everything, from their morning to their deepest secrets.Image


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