Day Fifteen: Something You Wish You Were Better At

                                  Believe it or not, I wish I better at sports. I do think I am good but I wouldn’t mind being great at it. I’ve always been good in field hockey and flag football, but everything else is kind of terrible for me. Even my classmates say I’m kind of bad at it. No, I am not always picked last for teams. My friends pick me first ( 🙂 ).

                                  My favorite sport would have to be flag football. I am great at throwing the ball. My friends often ask me how I always make it spiral. Although running isn’t really my thing, I put up with it to play. I am good when playing field hockey. I can hit the ball where I want it to go but sometimes I miss. It hurts having to bend down for the whole game, though. I guess that’s the downside to playing hockey outside.Image


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