Day Seventeen: A Picture of Your Favorite Book(s)

                          I have read many books, but my favorite series would have to be the Hunger Games trilogy. I don’t own any of the books, except for the third one, Mockingjay. I read the books from my cousin, Luisette. I only bought the third book because I didn’t want to have to share with my other cousin, Angeline, not after what happened with Catching Fire. 

                          When I first started reading the series, I wasn’t all that interested. I thought it was just another book with violence and romance. But I was wrong, when I finished the first book, I was filled with mixed emotions. I love the series so much that when I heard the date for the movie, I screamed. The books are just filled with twists that make me want to read more and turns that make me want to throw it at the wall. But still, the Hunger Games trilogy is my favorite book series.Image


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