Day Five: A Picture of Your Most Prized Possession

Image                                  This is a photo of my most prized possession. I got this item in Hawaii. It used to be a necklace but I accidentally broke its chain. I bought this with my cousin, Samantha. She has one like it but it is gold with different designs. 

                          I value this watch very much and I always keep it around. I hardly let anyone touch it; it is hardly out of my sight. As I mentioned before, I did break the chain. That’s probably why I take so much care of it now. I have had this watch since last summer, which I know is not very long but I still care for it. If I lost this or it broke, I would be devastated. I know that it may seem silly for me to care so much for it, but for me it’s completely natural; it’s normal. This watch is my most prized possession.


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